Love for the Little Guys

Inevitably this discussion comes up with folks at the winery or at the local bar scene where we discuss growth and opportunity within the wine industry. There are numerous ways to sink your taste buds into the wine world whether that be simple consumption, investment in a wine business or building your own brand from the ground up.

We have focused on the latter for the last 10 years now and have had the luxury of being self-funded since the beginning. However that statement usually begs the questions, “Are you looking for investors?” or “What can we do to help you grow?”

Our clichéd answer is:

Buy some wine, that is all the investment we need. Plus you get some good juice to enjoy!

There is an immense amount of truth to that but on the flip side even some potential “investors” have declined to do just that despite wanting to show support for us little guys. Most recently that response was met with a fairly dumbfounded individual who quickly responded with the idea that passing up investment and the opportunity to grow was foolish.

Fair enough we guess, but sitting at just about 1000 cases is right where we want to be. Both Brittany and I are able to manage every facet of the business from harvest and wine production, to bottling and release, to accounting, compliance, marketing and much much more. The joy of not having to answer to anyone but ourselves is also a huge plus.

In that same light we LOVE to support other like-minded producers who do their best to stay small and focus on quality rather than quantity. The only real “craft wine movement” thus far was started by the original cult wine producers in the 1990s. Since that time there have been plenty of small producers who have come, gone and remained an underlying force within California’s wine countries. However our group of small producers have yet to see the renaissance that the craft beer industry has enjoyed over the years.

Will the wine industry really have a craft revolution? Our guess is yes, but it will take a bit more hustle to fully emerge from the shadows.

Until that time, thank you for sharing the love with us little guys! We hope the wines you do snag pan out to be the “investment” you want and need.