Introducing: The Archives

Archives Lineup

Something that we are incredibly diligent about is hanging onto a good chunk of each wine release so that we can see how it holds up over time. This usually means roughly 14 cases of our wines are set aside and are not to be touched until they are 7+ years old. We talk so much about aging wines but outside a handful of producers you rarely see "library selections" make their way into tastings or shipments.

It has been my goal since starting MTGA to have a solid library program. While there are not huge quantities of these wines available we are excited to re-release some of our library vintages for you to enjoy!

Starting this year we will be going back in time to check out how the EPIC 2011 and 2012 vintages of Merlot have progressed over the last 7 to 8 years. As far as vintages go you cannot get more diverse than these two back to back. From the Bordeaux-esque 2011 with amazing structure and earthiness to the typical California lusciousness of 2012 tasting these two side by side provides just how amazing and diverse Napa can be.

Whether you are just getting introduced to MTGA or have been a fan over the last nine years this is going to be the best way to experience the longevity that our wines have to offer.

Due to the limited availability of these vintages, we are limiting this club to 25 members. You can signup here to dive back in time with us and receive either a six or twelve bottle shipment.

Enjoy and we will see you in the past!