Finding a Groove


Honestly I didn’t think it would be this hard, but 5 months into glorious self-employment has proved otherwise. Now I’m not going to lie… the first three-ish months were a breeze. It was amazing realizing how much time in the day I actually had, what I could make time for and how comfortable I really felt.

I’ve realized I have strayed from what I wanted my “normal” routine to be. Not all that far but strayed nonetheless. I honestly blame it on how crazy last year was. I finally found myself with one of the most precious resources (time) and let it get to me. Now it is time to dial things back in.

Something that has really solidified in my mind is that everyone should be in business for themselves in some way shape or form. I completely understand the perks of a full time gig and the security it provides but there is nothing like doing a high-wire act with no safety net. With that in mind maybe that business is part time or even less than that. Somehow someway, just take a shot and see where it goes. Hell that is how this whole winemaking thing started nearly ten years ago.

Over the years there has been a ton of thoughts that have gone through my head about how this MTGA thing was going to come together. There were plenty of doubts along the way but a ton of successes and growth that kept me going. The biggest success, but also the simplest it seems, is hearing that someone enjoyed one of the wines we’ve made. Every time I hear that I feel like I provide an awkward “thank you” or “so glad to hear it” because I just don’ t know how to respond (I’m still working on that it seems).

That little spark started the MTGA groove and has kept it going. Now that I have more time on my hands I need to figure out how I can find more sparks, more groove, more fuel for the fire etc. etc.

With that in mind I am going back to the basics. This could be making the bed after getting out of it in the morning, setting a specific time that I am on and/or off my phone, all kinds of ideas but find that routine is going to be key. And for some reason putting it into writing makes me feel more confident to actually make it happen!

This groove or routine comes so easily when you have a semi-predetermined schedule (IE a day job that requires you to be somewhere doing somehing at a certain time) but is much easier to stray from without that. I’d imagine that anyone who has been in business of any sort is reading this and going “DUUUUHHHH” but it has taken that extra two months of time for it to really set into my noggin.

So even while honeymooning I’ve made an attempt to ensure that some sort of routine sticks (even if that means escaping some of the usual day-to-day operations in lieu of wine and good times). Needless to say I have probably slacked off more during this trip than anything else, but at least putting some effort to continue to build new habits has gone a long way.