2015 Block #2 Cabernet Sauvignon


Three years ago we were able to start creating the first ever MTGA Cabernet Sauvignon and this fall it is "officially" making its way into the world after countless mentions and some teasing over the last six months or so.

This release also marks the first time that we have crossed the streams with any of our family's projects, hence the "Block #2" designation on the label. For those of you that have made it out to Anderson's Conn Valley you can find Block #2 on the right side of the driveway as you head into the property. We were able to snag half of a ton of grapes from the block to see what kind of trouble we could get into. That half ton translated to one barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon that ended up being aged in new French oak for 22 months prior to bottling.

Over the course of the aging process we saw this Cabernet go through a couple of evolutions. The use of Gamba's G7 barrel (because G6s are for chumps) matched up with the fruit and structure of the Cabernet perfectly.  It took a few months for all of the characteristics to begin to meld together but the finished product made the wait well worth it.

Prior to bottling we did conduct a few blending trials. With the different lots of Merlot we had at our disposal it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. We settled on blending just 5% Merlot into the Cabernet Sauvignon to add extra layers of complexity but add a touch of richness to give the wine more balance.

With just one barrel to bottle up we settled on bottling our first round of Cabernet entirely in 1.5L magnums. Why you ask? Well, we figure that it is always fun to bring the biggest bottle of wine to a party and we find that magnums make for a much more consistent aging process in the bottle. Since we talk about aging Napa Cabernet so often we insisted on putting it in a larger format to accommodate better aging potential.

The only downside? There is not a ton of this release to go around and pre-orders have taken up most of it already. Be sure to drop us a line to snag a magnum or three before they all disappear!