Growing up and Moving Forward


As is tradition I fall off the blog writing wagon at some point in May or June, follow up with one or two in the late summer or early fall but quickly find myself in a post-harvest haze wondering where the year as gone.

2018 is no different, except that there is some BIG news to share with the world! More on that in a moment.

The last few months have filled me to the gills with anxiety. Not because there was anything wrong or ominous on the horizon per se, but because things seemed to go surprisingly well. Real tough to deal with right?

This year has been the first full year that I have actually felt on top of my goals and ahead of the game. The sheer lack of stress was stressing me out. I have felt so much pressure between getting MTGA really rolling and maintaining a full time day job over the years that I really got used to the feeling. Always being slightly-to-incredibly overwhelmed was the norm. As Britt will attest I have had my fair share of mini-meltdowns over the last few years, even this one, but the normal things that used to get to me are long gone.

So what's the deal?

Well, that is a good question and realistically the answer turned out to be surprisingly simple:

It is time to shake things up.

Over the last nine years I have worked to get MTGA onto solid footing. In fact by the 4th year it was doing surprisingly well. However, that was quickly followed by some growing pains.  Years five through seven were a struggle. On multiple occasions I considered shutting it down entirely but stuck it out thanks to an amazing partner in crime (now my wife, eeeeekkkk!) and immensely supportive friends. Year 8 proved to be the turning point. For the first time I felt like I was keeping up. By the time that this year, year 9, came around I found myself in a surprisingly comfortable place.

So here we are, in that comfortable place stressing out about how comfortable I feel. This newfound stress isn't totally unwarranted, and here would be why:

As of November 1st, 2018 I will officially be working for myself and only for myself. After an AMAZING four and a half years with Clif Family I have decided to cut the cord and be 100% self employed. It was an incredibly tough, but calculated decision to make. While it is going to take some adjustment, it is going to be amazing to say that:

MTGA Wines will officially be my full time gig.  *gasp*

It is incredibly surreal... but I could not be more excited to get this new chapter started.