2017 HBIC Rosé


Rosé season used to be this quiet part of the wine industry. It was what a few made mostly because we could and we LOVED it. But then… some how… some way… everyone figured out our secret! And now rosé has been one of the most popular wines for the last couple of years.

With a flash and a flurry rosé production has become a staple for many producers, including ourselves. As a result we are happy to introduce the first “HBIC” Rosé from MTGA Wines! Made specifically for the HBIC in your life.

As some of you might remember from previous posts, Riesling has become increasingly hard to find in the great Napa and Sonoma areas. With that we were looking to add on another wine that might act as a “substitute” while we track down a new reliable source. Combine that with Brittany’s love of killer rosés (and a bit of pressure sent my way) we ended up with this bad boy in bottle this spring.

Since we have a ridiculously awesome Pinot Noir source it made sense to start there with a couple of different clones, 777 and Pommard, that fit the flavor profile we were looking for. Combine that with an earlier harvest date, stainless steel fermentation and aging with a dash of sur lie aging we find ourselves with our very own summer sipper.

A light pressing cycle plus a tad of dry ice to keep the 2017 Rosé fresh.

Even just a few short weeks after bottling just under 50 cases, the 2017 “HBIC” Rosé has proven to be an amazing addition to the MTGA lineup; in particular with your summer fair (ie: your $1 oysters at happy hour, burgers, that summer frisée salad or just by the pool as you catch some rays while avoiding the heat). As is tradition with MTGA we do little fining and filtering which gives this rosé a slightly cloudy complexion but helps keep a bit more body and complexity literally hanging around.

With how much we like this first round we are excited to keep it in the lineup for future vintages!

As usual we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

-Mike & Britt (the original HBIC)

2017 HBIC Rose

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
50% Pommard and 50% 777 clones 
 Bennett Valley, Sonoma County
Aging: 8
 months in stainless steel
Total Production: 
50 cases

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