2016 Sonoma Coast Dry Riesling


Oddly enough the Riesling was the last thing to come in during the 2016 harvest. I honestly thought my samples were off or that I had completely screwed up, but sure enough when the grapes got to the winery they were gorgeous. For those not in the know, your white wine grapes are usually the first thing to be harvested. For them to be the last made me... nervous.

As the fermentation started in small stainless steel barrels I continued to have my doubts but upon completion and getting through the first racking I couldn't be happier with the result. Still bone-dry in style the 2016 is a very solid combination of the prior two releases: super crisp and refreshing with enough body and complexity to make it more than just a patio pounder (though I suppose that depends on what kind of mood you are in).